Lightroom to Gallery Export Plugin (Update 4)

Todays post is in English. Please forgive me.

On 16th of November, has been released. The most important change in this version is the introduction of the computer security case study. Currently it supports the development of Export plugins, which allows sending images directly from Lightroom to other imaging services like online galleries, image communities, remote servers or just the local disc.

Since the very first time I used the Lightroom application, I was longing for a way to export my images directly into the a problem solving approach to mathematics for elementary teachers. The new SDK enabled me to do just that. Therefore I needed to accustom myself with the Lightroom SDK, the cheap dissertation help uk Scripting Language and the formal research paper heading. Quite some work. The Lightroom SDK was the most complex part and I also want to thank the people in the #lua IRC channel over at freenode.

The features of the “Lightroom to Gallery Export Plugin” read as follows:

  • Use all the know export options for image resizing, metadata, filename etc.
  • Supports latest Gallery version
  • Manages multiple servers
  • Select appropriate albums as upload target
  • Create gallery albums directly from Lightroom
  • Internationalized (currently only English is supported)

Download the current version:

Update 1 (v0.1.1):

  • Enabled the plugin to show the target album in the browser after the upload
  • Refined the GUI
  • Added Status messages to the login process

Update 2

  • To strengthen the development of this plugin i have released it as an open source project. The new home of the plugin is therefore: This means that everybody is able to participate now. Additional developers are very welcome as are people who are willing to fill bugs or provide general feedback. :)
  • Speaking of feedback. Several people have reported problems when fetching the album list. I wasn’t able to reproduce these problems and therefore i need YOUR help. I’ll send you a special version of the plugin which logs the communication with the remote server. If you are willing to support the development, please contact me on moritzpost [at] gmx [.] de (this might be mac related so mac users… step up. :) )

Update 3 (v0.1.2)

  • The problem when displaying the album list has been solved. Please visit the project website to get the latest version of the plugin.

Update 4 (v0.1.3)
Good news for all you Lightroom 2.x users. We have just released a new version of the Lightroom to Gallery plugin which solves several issues with the new Lightroom version. You are now able to upload you images directly into your Gallery2 installation from within Lightroom 2.x.

Thanks goes out to all the people who have raised issues about the last release and helped us to straighten out any glitches.

Also we have a new developer amongst our ranks. Lars Heller has provided valuable contributions to this release and we are very happy to welcome him as a new committer. Way to go Lars! :)

  • Check album name when creating a new album
  • Cleaned up GalleryRemoteProtocol a bit to remove redundant code
  • Parameters sent to server are url encoded
  • Added support for German and French language

To install the plugin simply place the folder, contained in the zip file, in your Lightroom root directory. To choose the Gallery upload facilities select it from the top right corder of the Export dialog (see screenshot to the right).

Feel free to experiment with the plugin to your likings. Feedback is greatly appreciated in the comments section of this post :)

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  1. good job, if i had lightroom i would love it!!

  2. Great idea! And it works! I use the plugin for my Gallery.
    Maybe you should explain, how to change the main setting area, to enable the Gallery options.

  3. Hint: Ampersand (&) produces a transcoded text in the album dropdown box, if the album has one in its name.
    E.g. Motors & Cars -> Motors amp; Cars


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  5. looks very good, though I can’t get it to work. I get “Make sure the login details and the server url are valid”. I use the same url and login details as I use for the Gallery Remote java app.. Any tips?

  6. @ eirik

    The server url might be the problem. it should be in the form “”. Other combinations are also possible and the plugin will try to substitute a valid url.

  7. This is great stuff! En behalf of the Gallery team, thx for expanding the client base. Feel free to add this to

    Also, send me an email as I have a few questions for you regarding this. ;-)

  8. Hi there,

    Just tested your dev, it rocks, I will come back if I notice any glitch and link your page as this piece of software was the last missing part of my workflow.

    Great job and thanks for sharing !


  9. Congratulations to your Lightroom Gallery 2 integration! From what I’ve read in the past, there’s sure a large demand for your plugin.

    Don’t forget to add the Lightroom G2 client integration at:

  10. Like a lot from what I see here :) But I can’t get it to work :( It tells me it is logged in but I don’t get a list of my albums. Tried another similar plug-in and there it works. But I would love this one to work as it supports several galleries from one plug-in. Thanks for the efforts!

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  12. @ Bob van Ooik

    I get the feeling that there might really be a problem, if you would like to eliminate this bug plz contact me directly. See the Update 2 of this post. :)

  13. As I didnt figure it out immediatly: on a Mac install by dragging the .lrdevplugin folder into lightroom and the plugin will install automatically and resart lightroom.

    Great work! except for this little bug ;-)

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  15. nice plugin. do you think you’ll get title/caption exporting working anytime soon? that would be a real handy feature.

  16. This looks great – only problem is that it won’t log on to my Gallery2 install. I can login fine using Gallery Remote, or with the other uploader, but yours just gives me the ‘make sure the logon details and server url are correct’ message. Any thoughts?

  17. Nice tool! It just worked at the first instant with no hitches! Great! and it really rocks, Thanks a lot. But will it be possible to Syn the meta data in LR database and G2 database with out re-exporting the entire image. Suppose if add /change some EXIF/keyword tag etc, in LR after exporting to G2, now I want this, to be reflected at G2 with out exporting the whole image again.Any thoughts….

  18. @ Setty

    I am happy you like the plugin. For any feature requests it would be great to use the facilities on the sourceforge website. :) For this special item…

    Because of the limitations of the gallery remote protocol it is not possible to set any data on an image once it is placed on the server. So it is not possible to implement this feature although it would definitely label it as useful.

  19. I had tried an earlier version of this plugin and it worked just fine. I installed the latest version and I get an error on upload saying. “postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or filePath” Any ideas? I know its not lightroom as another version worked fine.

  20. Hi! great plugin but I have a big issue, I don’t know if it’s my fault or something else: I’ve installed in the correct folder your plugin and then when I try to upload a photo, lr give me back this bug:

    An internal error has occurred: Win32 API error (unknown error – - FormatMessageW failed) when calling HttpSendRequest from private_AgHttpClient_post_L

    I’m able to upload to my gallery only one pic per time, because if I send more then one image, plugin stops to function after the first upload.

    What can I do? thanks alot!

  21. @ mauro

    hello. this is something which happens to me too. I don’t know why that is, but i have reported it to the adobe people and they acknowledged it as a bug in the Lr HTTP client.

    The problem is that images with a size larger than 1.4 MB do cause this error stopping any other uploads.

  22. ok got it! thanks, so all we have to do is just wait…

  23. I am having the same problem as Paul above – getting the error “postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or filePath” Any ideas? Thanks!!!

  24. Hey man,

    very nice work!!
    But I’m struggeling with a strange problem:
    Every time I hit Login, LR tells me that everything is fine except, that there were ‘No Albums Fetched’. I searched a little bit in the code, but could not figure out, why it won’t give me the album listing. I’m using LR 1.3.1 and gallery2.2.4 with lr-to-g2 v0.1.2. Does somebody have some experience with that kind of problem?

    - Henning

  25. Hey again …

    ok, after enabling cookies in the Internet Explorer, it worked … thought, they use their own http engine – guess not ;)

    Thanks anyway
    - Henning

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  28. This doesn’t work for me in LR v1.3.1 on Mac OSX 10.4.11. Lightroom tells me that it will install the plugin and restart, but when it has restarted the option is not available in the ‘Export’ menu. Has anyone got any ideas?

  29. Thanks for the cool plugin. @Haydn: I did not found it on the first try either. It is in in the upper *right* corner of the export dialog.

  30. Hi Moritz
    Thanks a lot for this great plugin, I’ve been hoping to find such plugin for quite a while now. I’ve just tested it and it works just great! Thanks a lot, you’ve got yourself a HUGE fan!

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  32. @Arne – thanks! Can’t believe I missed that! :) This is a brilliant plugin…

  33. Driving me crazy here!

    At one point I believe the plugin did work, however for as long as I can remember when I try to connect, I get,

    “An internal error has occured: bad URL”

    I’ve tried deleting the plugin and starting fresh, however I get the same problem every time. I’m assuming settings are being saved elsewhere but I’m not sure where these settings might be. LrPrefs seems to be a good bet, but I can’t edit that with a plain text editor I don’t think, and deleting it is bad.

    (this is in Lightroom 1.3.1, thoguh it happened it 1.3 as well. Leopard 10.5.2)


  34. Can’t get it to work. Put the “gallery_upload.lrplugin” directory from the archive in Lightroom’s root-directory. Doesn’t show up in Export. Moved it to my Lightroom’s application data directory. Doesn’t show up. Move it to Export Presets in the application data directory. Show’s up in Export, but greyed out. That’s as far as I can get it to work. Where do I extract the archive to?
    OS: Windows XP Pro
    LR Version: 1.3.1
    App. data directory: c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\adobe\lightroom
    LR root directory: c:\program files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3

  35. Nevermind, it works. Because it didn’t work, I changed Info.lua to have SDK version 1.3.1, but that’s wrong.
    gallery_upload.lrplugin in LR root directory, click export and select the Gallery Upload from the dropdown. Simple.

  36. Is it possible to add a feature so that you can export with previous settings? Meaning if you export images and forgot some you can simply re upload with logging all over again it remember what you did before

  37. @ jphilbert

    sorry this is not possible due to the gallery protocol restrictions. you would need to delete the image on the server first.

  38. Hi….

    “An internal error has occurred: Win32 API error (unknown error – - FormatMessageW failed) when calling HttpSendRequest from private_AgHttpClient_post_L”

    I know you posted that this was an Adobe error with images greater than 1.4mb. However, I get the error trying to login.

    I am trying to log in to Gallery1, which I am not sure works, but do not think (???) it would case this error.


  39. Ooops….I was using an incorrect url. I am now getting a message about “….making sure the remote module is enabled…” which I assume is a G2 interface you are looking for.

    If this is the case, would it be possible for you to look into adding support for G1….which, of course, works OK with ‘Gallery Remote’

    Thanks, again, John

  40. I now have the same error as Paul and John Ernest. I can define my server, login, it shows the albums, I can create new albums, but export will give the error “An internal error occurred: postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or FilePath”.

  41. Hi,
    I do like the script alot and would really like to get it working!
    I have installed and logged into the remote gallery but when i upload it fails to put the picture there. It has put the EXIF data but not the picture….
    Any ideas?

  42. @ Culture
    It might be Imagemajic settings .. try GD.

  43. This is a feature I would like to see… is it possible for there to be a setting on the plugin so that it remmbers the last login and album that you used before. So if I dont have to click on login all the time if all I want to do is upload to the same album as I did before.

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  45. hi,

    great work, thanks

    can i use this plugin with lightroom 2?

  46. Yes. It does work. I got some glitches though which might require some tuning. But in general it works.

  47. i have tested, but it doesnt work

    please tell me, how i must configure/ install plugin

  48. In the Plugin Manger (bottom left of export dialog) one is able to enable/disable and to restart the plugin. After playing around with these things a few times it worked all of a sudden. But this is not really a reliable mechanism. A more robust upgrade to the plugin should be made.

  49. ok, thanks

    i get one error:

    **** Error 1

    Beim Öffnen des Export-Dialogfelds ist ein interner Fehler im Zusatzmodul aufgetreten.
    GalleryUploadExportDialogSections.lua:38: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

  50. Hi

    Superb plugin – used for long time with LR1.X and LR2beta
    Seems Adobe changed something in the final LR2 thou…
    Now it’s not working at all – any plans for update?

  51. Yes, there are plans to update the plugin to be fully compatible with LR2. It is pretty close to be functional, as it has worked for me with LR2 once. But i can’t reproduce what i did so the project will release an updated version.

  52. This is super!

    Any chance of getting an e-mail or something when working?


  53. Nope *g*

    Maybe you can rss bookmark/subscribe to the download page of the project or something.

  54. I’ll find a way :)

    thanks anyway, and THANKS for a extremly useful plugin!

  55. From my research there is a quick way to bringt the plugin back to work by simply commenting out line 38 in the file GalleryUploadExportDialogSections.lua. Comment out by adding two “-” (without the “) in the first column. This line is there to manage the synopsis of the gallery section (the text you see when a section is collapsed).

    Until i will be able to bring the feature back to life and release a new version i hope this helps. Let me know if any other problems arise.


  56. Thanks for a great plug-in!

    I’m using LR 2.0 and Gallery 2.1 (from Debian 4.0), and I ran into the “postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or filePath” problem. Based on some experimentation, it seems that it is caused by an older Gallery2 version that doesn’t yet use the authorization token in the http post request. To circumvent this, I added a simple check to add the token into the request only if the server has provided it. However, I have only tested it with G2.1 (i.e. without the auth token), but hopefully it works also with a version that uses the token.

    As far as I know, the plug-in didn’t support exporting the LR title or caption fields, so I added support for them (translated to Gallery’s caption and description respectively). This feature only works with LR 2.0, but I didn’t bump up the minimum SDK version, so one will probably run into run-time problems if trying to use the plug-in with older LR versions.

    I tried to submit the hacked plug-in to Sourceforge as a patch, but I wasn’t able to add an attachment for some reason. Thus the whole plug-in is not available anywhere at this time, but I submitted the patch (output of diff –rupN) as a comment to the entry called “Gallery 2.1, LR title and caption support” in the project’s patch tracker at Sourceforge. (To apply the patch to a vanilla 0.1.2, just copy-paste the contents to a file (e.g. patch.txt) in the plug-in’s directory and run “patch –p0 < patch.txt”.)


  57. Hi,
    I can login to gallery 2.2, list all albums.
    At the end I get error “file failed to upload correctly”
    Any clues where I can start looking for error??
    Done with Lightroom 1.4

  58. Hi,
    I found that by adding a –include(“javascript_login.php”);–at end of main.php gives the problem.
    Inserting it at start of main.php solves lr to gall. problem, but all CSS are not shown anymore.
    Without script all works fine, and have to say this plugin is one of the finest and most useful available.



  59. Hi,

    I got the plugin to work in LR2 by commenting out line 38 as described earlier. However I’m not able to use non ascii character in album name when creating new albums through the plugin. This worked in LR1.3. Is this something that anyone alse has been dealing with?

    but what a great plugin.


  60. Hi dear

    firstly fantastic plugin ! but after some uploads I get now the following message

    The plug-in had an internal error while opening the Export dialog.
    GalleryUploadExportDialogSections.lua:39: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)

    can you help me please :´-( It would just be beautiful if this would work again…I also tried to re install the plug in but nothing did help

    thx for your support

  61. Plugin is working fantastic, and has been flawless for a few months in LR2.

    I just have one question – is it possible to change the DPI settings of the upload? I can resize by DPI and drop the quality down, but the DPI is set to 240.

  62. **Meant to say I can resize by Pixel, not by DPI as well.

  63. I’m getting the same error as Reto having upgraded lightroom to the new 2.1 version.

  64. getting same error as reto and gary

  65. We have just released a new version 0.1.3 which should solve several of the issues you people have mentioned. Please feel free to try it out. :)

  66. I get the same “File failed to upload” message but I did not understand the response of what to correct. can anyone give explain it for the internet-challenged? I’m using 0.1.3

  67. Sorry, to add to previous message:

    I am using the latest version of lightroom and I am able to upload pictures through the webserver, in case this helps.


  68. Sorry again, It was my mistake. I was uploading files that were a tad large. I downsized and it worked like a charm.

    Excellent plugin despite my ineptitude! Perhaps a better error message (something that includes the word idiot) would help people like me.

    Thanks again…

  69. Hi Nick
    glad your problems were solved. In fact i think the problem originates from the max upload size allowed by php. you should check your php.ini what the max_upload_size (not sure if that is the correct var name) is set to.

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  71. I have problems with accented characters, which seems to be in ISO in one place and UTF8 in the other..
    A text in Lightroom 2.4 like this:
    “Peter och Elliot!
(undras om Peter också har blöjan på)”
    will be inserted in Gallery2 like this:
    “Peter och Elliot!
(undras om Peter ocksÃ¥ har blöjan pÃ¥)”

    This goes for any text, regardless if it’s keywords, descriiption or other..

  72. Hi Patrick. Thanks for pointing this out. We will try to find a solution here.

  73. Great Plug-In! If you want to use it with https, you just need to change line 73 in GalleryREmoteProtocol.lua (v0.1.3) from:

    if string.sub(server, 1, 7) ~= ‘http://’ then


    if (string.sub(server, 1, 7) ~= ‘http://’) and (string.sub(server, 1, 8) ~= ‘https://’) then

    From there, refer to your secure gallery site with https URL, where http remains default if protocol is omitted.

  74. That is a good hint. https support should be added in future versions. I am looking forward to the new publishing features in lightroom3 that should also add some more flexibility. Maybe in conjunction with gallery3? Does anybody know how external tools are supposed to access the g3?

  75. You plugin works wonderfully with Gallery 2 and Lightroom 2. Thank you so much!!!

  76. I am not having much success with the LR plugin. I do not see the export to Gallery availability anywhere. I am running LR 2.6. I do see the plugin under the Plugin Manager. I just can’t get it to run. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  77. I was able to get the plugin to work only after rebooting my computer. Like the plugin. Thanks

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  79. Update for Lightroom 3, please.

  80. That is a valid request. I am currently considering to create an publisher for the new gallery3 once it has been released. I am hopping for a more flexible API than it is the case with the g2.

  81. please!! a love your plugin i need your Update to lr3 :-( (

  82. Thanks for your support. The current version is also compatible with LR3 although it does not make use of the publishing service yet. I am looking into a full Lightroom 3 support though.

  83. In Lr3 the plugin generates an error during export:
    “An internal error has occured: postMultipart: chunk must contain either value or filePath”

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